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Our Educational Philosophy

The Excellence for All STEAM School Network takes a cultural wealth approach to education. We believe that when schooling is rigorous and built using the wealth of knowledge and experiences students bring with them, students achieve at their highest potential. Our view is that students can and will achieve if given the right tools and placed in an affirming environment.

We engage students in disciplined inquiry. In collaborative settings and with support, students work through complex projects and problems that promote reasoning and creativity. With us, students gain the skills to research, problem solve and innovate.

We strongly believe that children are developing scholars and that scholarship cannot happen without community. With disciplined inquiry in a supporting environment, our students develop the skills necessary to create and be innovators of scholarly work. Our families and their community networks are important to the success of their scholarship. Since our students are an extension of their loved ones, we are successful because we invite the wisdom of families and communities into our schools to shape our practices.